Event 02 – The Monarchy

D:BATE Event 02 Flyer – The Monarchy

D:BATE’s second event was on the motion of ‘Great party but the Monarchy is expensive, unaccountable and irrelevant. Britain needs a  democratic alternative’. It was held on Thursday 13 June 2012 at the Bath Hilton Hotel, Bath.

In an event that stimulated heated pre-discussion in the media – following so shortly after the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee ceremonies – the entry vote was finely balanced with a number of ‘undecideds’ awaiting the arguments.

See below for the full video recording of the session.



Speakers FOR the motion: Cllr Sarah Bevan, Graham Smith and Zac Barker.

CEO of RepublicBristol Republic






Speakers AGAINST the motion: Jacques Arnold, Ian Roberts and Peter Whittle.






After much rich discussion on multiple dimensions of the issue – chaired by Mike Ellis – a final vote was taken which saw the final public vote reinforce support for the ‘republic’ (FOR) team.

Hilton Bath Hotel

Many thanks to our photographer – Clare Green (clare_photographer@yahoo.co.uk).


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