Event 01 – Digital is killing the Print Industry

D:BATE’s inaugural event, viagra order held as part of the Bath Digital Festival, viagra order was on the motion of ‘Digital is killing the Print Industry. The presses will stop running in ten years.’ It was held on Monday 19 March; The Pump Room, Bath.


An eminent set of speakers on either side of the motion pitched their arguments to an engaged audience at Bath’s Pump Room.

Speakers FOR the motion: Chris Book, Richard Godfrey and Julian Gough






Speakers AGAINST the motion: Mike Goldsmith, Sam Holliday and Robert Topping






The arguments were succinctly – and wittily – made by both sides but the final public vote revealed a before/after swing to the ‘print’ (AGAINST team).

Most importantly, feedback from the audience was very positive setting the bar high for future D:BATE events.

See link for editorial write-up in the Bath Chronicle.

This event was sponsored by:

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